Meet the Team

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Natalie Tenzer-Silva

Natalie Tenzer-Silva was born in South Africa and moved to Mozambique in the early 90s where she learned Portuguese. Natalie has worked in the tourism industry since 1994 first managing a large travel agency and then becoming Mozambique’s largest inbound tour operator. Her language skills and capacity as a team leader have earned her respect both within Dana Tours, the Mozambican business community and the Government having been a member of the Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee. She spends her spare time with her husband and two boys.

Stephanie Von Allmen

General Manager
Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Stephanie Von Allmen has been part of the Dana team since 2014. The people and the endless beaches captured her heart, especially Ilha de Moçambique, where her Mozambique side of the family is originally from. It’s a tiny island filled with smiling, friendly people who are eager to share their stories (it is not difficult to see why this is Stephanie’s favourite destination!) What is most important according to Stephanie is that visitors revel in the untouched beauty that is Mozambique!

Edna Madina Suleimangy

Edna studied in Swaziland and moved back to Maputo in 1999. She started at Dana Tours in 2002 as a receptionist and she later she learned Galileo and Amadeus. She has continually developed while at Dana and is now at management level. In her spare time she enjoys Bollywood movies and quality time with her daughter. Her favorite destination in Mozambique is Ilha de Moçambique because of its history and culture and as a local her number one tip is to always combine bush and beach.

Vânia Mondlane

Travel Consultant
Vânia Joined Dana Tours in 2014. She’s from Maputo and studied Tourism at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane – Escola Superior de Hotelaria e Turism. Her hobbies include listening to music, particularly Mariah Carey and she loves to dance. Bazaruto is one of her favorite places in Mozambique.

Fazila Sadula

Fazila has been with Dana Tours since 2007. She studied bookkeeping at the Institute of Education and Management (IEG). She’s worked in Accounting, Human Resources and Administration. Fazila enjoys cooking, socialising with friends and quality time with her kids in her spare time.

Ganhane Macamo

Office Assistant
Ganhane Macamo has been with Dana Tours since 2006. He is a very communicative and social person and enjoys interacting with the staff.

Narcisia Psumgo

Office Assistant
Narcisia started with Dana Tours in early 2013. She is responsible for a clean and pleasant office environment, runs errands and makes fresh tea and coffee for guests and employees. Narcisia has a primary education and is from Maputo. She has two children, enjoys dancing, hair plating and spending quality time with her family at Macaneta.

Telu Chambela

Transport Coordinator
Telu earned his licentiate’s degree in International Relations and Diplomacy from the Instituto Superior de Relações Internacionais in Maputo. Prior to working with Dana Tours, Telu used to be a school teacher and Tourist Guide in Maputo and surrounds. Telu enjoys wildlife, beaches, music, movies and friends. His passion is guiding and especially enjoys introducing guests to the History and Politics of Mozambique.

Pedro Cuco

Travel Consultant
Pedro “Cuco” earned his diploma in Tourism Planning from the Universidade Eduarde Mondlane High School of Hospitality and Tourism of Inhambane. In 2012 he joined Dana Tours and his tourism career includes working with the Girassol Indy Congress and Spa and the Maputo Special Reserve in Community Relations. Recently, he coordinated the logistics of the “Think Thank” conference for SADC and assisted with the delegation of the Japanese Prime Minister in 2014. Pedro enjoys watching Football and action movies and his favorite places in Mozambique are along the coastal beaches

Luis Maibasse

Luis started with Dana in 2012 and works as a driver. He is from Maputo and has five children. In his spare time he watches football on TV, listens to Soul R&B music and reads western novels.

Atalia Silvia Macamo

Tourist Guide
Atalia has been with Dana Tours since 2004. She works as a Tour Guide and also trains guides. She has completed courses in Service Quality and Hospitality as well as Guiding. Atalia speaks Portuguese, English, Changane and Spanish and has a good knowledge of French. She enjoys introducing tourists from all over the world to Mozambique, especially to Ponta D’Ouro.

Florêncio A. Chemane

“Flo” was born in Mozambique and has worked as a driver for Dana Tours since 2007. He’s well-liked within the Dana community for his never-ending smile and good nature. He particularly enjoys accompanying guests to wildlife areas. He spends his spare time with his family and neighbours.

Ricardo Ngoenha

Office Assistant
Known in the Dana Tours office as Mr Chique (which means Mr Fancy for his stylish dress sense), Ricardo’s family has long been associated with the Dana Tours team. Ricardo makes sure the Dana Tours office is organized and keeps everyone on their toes to keep this dream team running smoothly. In his free time, Ricardo loves walks with his wife, visiting family, cooking and relaxing while listening to the radio.

Armando Amosse

Armando was born in Inhambane and now lives in Maputo, working as a driver for Dana Tours, making sure every guest gets safely from Point A to Point B and is treated like gold. Armando loves his job as by meeting just one client from a different part of the world, he gets to travel around the world too, from experiencing their culture and language. Armando says that out of all Mozambique has to offer, guests love to relax on the beaches, eat lobster and shrimp and discover all the beautiful places and history Mozambique has to offer.

Adolfo Zunguene

Health & Safety Officer
Dana Tours’ Health and Safety Officer, Adolfo, was born in Xai-Xai in Mozambique, from a typical big Gaza family as he puts it, of around 12 family members that today are scattered in other provinces and around the globe due to school and work commitments. Adolfo’s role involves staying updated about new safety standards, an aspect that he enjoys the most of his job. In his free time, he enjoys producing music, reading and watching comedy and lists his favourite place in Mozambique as Inhambane - because it’s so beautiful and life is easy there.

Francisco Sique

Francisco is a born and bred Maputo local who is grateful for having met so many interesting people through his job and for the opportunity to explore so many tourist favourites in Mozambique. In his spare time, Francisco enjoys spending time with the family, going for walks and to the theatre or the beach. Francisco’s favourite traditional dish is Tseke, a delicious local dish made with tseke leaves. He loves sharing Mozambique’s amazing food, beaches, historical sites and culture with clients and if he wasn’t working for Dana Tours, he would want to be a doctor to save lives or a mechanical engineer.

Armando Amosse


Adolfo Zunguene

Health & Safety Officer

Our History

In 1994 Dana Agency hired a young trainee named Natalie Tenzer-Silva to work in the Maputo office as a travel agent. Things were different back then. Most bookings were handled by the global distribution system (GDS) in the head office in Nelspruit. Tickets were couriered by air to Dana Agency in Maputo.

Within a few years Mozambique’s travel industry began to take off, Dana Agency implemented the Galileo (GDS) booking system and Natalie Tenzer-Silva became office manager.

With Natalie Tenzer-Silva at the helm, Dana Agency Maputo became one of the first Mozambican travel agencies to achieve IATA membership.

Reliable service in responsible tourism attracted embassies, NGOs, government agencies and private individuals all of whom became regular clients at Dana Agency.

In 2002, Mozambique’s budding market for inbound tourism prompted Natalie Tenzer-Silva to embark on a partnership with Dana Agency and founded a Tour Operator focusing on inbound tourism to Mozambique – today’s Dana Tours. Simultaneously Dana Agency’s outstanding reputation attracted the attention of Lufthansa, which was in need of a general sales agent (GSA) for Mozambique.

Thus a small office was opened adjacent to Dana Agency housing both a new Lufthansa (GSA) and Dana Tours in its infancy. Natalie Tenzer-Silva continued to manage Dana Agency and run Dana Tours as well as the Lufthansa GSA. However, by 2003 Dana Tours’ success demanded the attention of a full-time director and Natalie resigned at Dana Agency without renewing the contract with Lufthansa. Dana Tours has remained a partnership between today’s previous owners of Dana Agency and Natalie Tenzer-Silva as the Director. Dana Tours focuses entirely on inbound tours to Mozambique, Mpumalanga and Swaziland.