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The length and varied shoreline of Mozambique’s 2,500 km coast make this country unquestionably Africa’s top fishing destination from October through March.

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The country’s 2,500 kilometer coast line is dotted with pristine coral reefs and its year round warm waters make Mozambique an ideal location for diving. Additionally, many professional dive schools, most of which are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) affiliated are found along these waters.

These diving centres frequent a wide variety of diving sites to suit all types of divers. But what makes diving in Mozambique special is its marine biodiversity combined the fact that it is not over run with divers.

Divers in Mozambique have a chance to encounter blacktip and whitetip sharks, blue spotted stingray, and electric rays which are common in the Indian Ocean’s blue waters.

Iridescent corals and nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish and giant clams, sea turtles and much more wait to be discovered by you in Mozambique.

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