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Mozambique possesses the longest Indian Ocean coastline in Africa and intertidal flats, floodplains, abundant lakes, natural pans and large river systems attract thousands of water birds to Mozambique every year.

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From coastal forests in the east to montane grasslands in the west and north, Mozambique has an extensive diversity of habitats which are reflected in its prolific birdlife all over the country.

Regarding species density: the Roberts Multimedia Birds of Southern Africa lists 722 avian species within the boundaries of Mozambique, a country comprising 801,590 km2 (309,493 square miles). As a comparison, check this: BirdLife International counts 524 species within the entire European Union, an area of over 4,215,100 km2 (1,544,408 square miles). Furthermore, the Avibase – Bird Checklists of the World counts 1078 species within the whole of the United States, an area of 9,826,675 km2 (3,794,101 square miles). Bird species density within Mozambique is over seven times that of the EU and eight times that of the United States.

In fact, species density within Mozambique even tops that of Southern Africa’s most popular birding destination namely, South Africa. In addition to the species, we also have the facilities. Avitourism is no longer in its infancy in Mozambique. Come to the land of smiles, and be amazed at our birds.

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