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Visa Update As Of February 2024

As of 1 May 2023, the Mozambican Government has granted visa exemption to 29 countries. 

As of 22 February 2024, the new Visa Regime was published for those who are not visa exempt and who need to apply on the Government of Mozambique’s eVisa portal: https://evisa.gov.mz/. A range of visas, including tourist, business and investment visas are available, the most common being Tourist Visas.

For more information on the new eVisa system (including documentation required) and visa exemption countries, please click here.

If visiting friends or family, a ‘Termo de Responsabilidade’ (Term of Responsibility) is required and must be written by the host. The Term of Responsibility should be authenticated as well by Mozambican authorities (typically a notary or consulate if outside of Mozambique).

Travellers should check the conditions of carriage with their travel service provider, as some airlines may require that a pre-approved visa is presented prior to boarding.

It is mandatory for all visitors to Mozambique to have their passports stamped upon both entry and exit from the country. This crucial process helps to ensure proper documentation and compliance with Mozambican immigration regulations.

To avoid any inconvenience during your trip, we kindly request that you double-check your passport and ensure it is stamped upon arrival and departure. The immigration authorities at the Mozambique entry and exit points will be responsible for this stamping process. Failure to do so could result in substantial fines.

Dana Tours takes no responsibility for incorrect visa information which can be changed at any time. It is the traveller’s responsibility to confirm updated visa information with their local High Commission/Embassy. Find your local office here.

Visa Decree

Mozambique Visa Decree

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