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Why Mozambique is a great destination for teambuilding

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If you’ve started to notice some droopy shoulders around the office, we’ve racked up a range of activities to give co-workers the boost they need.

We’re in the business of year-end functions and team builds here in Mozambique. We’re big fans of catering to corporate groups, and while we also take care of all the logistics like meeting venues, transfers and hotels, we also know the value of having some fun, too.

Here’s a breakdown of what we can offer:

The Maputo Amazing Race

Approximate time: 02h30

You can’t go wrong with an amazing race when it comes to team builds. It’s a great way to facilitate bonding and encourage team spirit.

Our amazing race takes place in downtown Maputo so that corporates can also experience our local culture and history in one fell swoop. It’s the perfect alternative to a walking tour and we can customise the race according to each group.

This activity entails a number of tasks and challenges that don’t require a high level of physical fitness, which means that everyone can participate. Overall, teams will need to come up with a strategy that will require a lot of clear communication, leadership, delegation and quick-thinking.

In advance of arrival, we’ll also task teams to prepare their unique branding of bandanas, caps, shirts, and flags… or whatever may tickle their creative fancy.

A prize-giving is also held at the end of the race.

Fun in the Sun Beach Games

Approximate time: Half day (preferably a morning)

If any of your co-workers spent their school holidays near the beach as a kid, they’ll definitely know how to play some of these team building games. These are designed for corporate groups staying close to the sea, be it Macaneta, Bilene, Inhaca or Santa Maria Island.

These nostalgic beach games up the ante on fun, but can get exceptionally competitive. Think Loony Toons meets the Olympics. Teams will be “refereed” by our assistants who will help make sure everything runs smoothly and keep score.

The selection of activities can be adapted to suit group interests and group size, and can include a few of the following:

  • Problem-solving challenges: kite building, or leaky pipe, where teams need to solve the problem of filling a container with holes in it through teamwork.
  • Sand-based challenges: building the best sandcastles or re-creating their company logo using sand.
  • Sporting-type activities: tug of war, triathlons, frisbee-golf and relays.
  • Ball games: dodgeball, volleyball, soccer and baseball.

Since it can get quite sweltering on the beach, we’ll also make sure that there is plenty of bottled water, soft drinks (and possibly something a little stronger) to keep everyone well-hydrated.

Communication is the Name of the Game

Approximate time: A full day

This is a progressive series of team-building challenges taking place indoors and

outdoors. Think high-spirited activities like tyre mazes, croc pits, blind-folded tasks, puzzles, mine-fields, brain-teasers and many more.

These practical activities encourage problem-solving and clear communication within each team, and are followed by facilitated feedback sessions to reflect on how they can improve their performance.

The fun nature of these activities breaks through any self-consciousness and sets a precedent for group motivation. They’ll quickly learn “what works” and “what doesn’t.”

These challenges are facilitated by Darren Raw the director of our trusted partner company, Swazi Trails. He is a qualified Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and is registered with the Association for Integrative Psychology (AIP) in the USA.

Leisure Activities at the Resorts

Approximate time: At your teams’ own leisure

While flopping on the beach together for a cocktail and a laugh has its perks, we’re all about encouraging our corporates to get a little more proactive with activities that even office introverts will love.

Some beach resorts that we work closely with, feature their own mix of team building opportunities on-site, like stand up paddle boarding, snorkelling, and kayaking which are not too strenuous, yet still get teams out and about.

While these types of activities can be enjoyed individually or as groups, resorts like Diamonds Mequfi, located 31km from Pemba Airport, offer tailormade programmes for corporate teams which include a number of organised sporting and game-based challenges.

Remember, we also offer a wide range of day tours for corporates to partake in a shared experience, collecting some epic group pics to pin up at the office when they get back.

If you’re ready to kick-start your team build in Mozambique, get in touch with us here and we’ll work our Dana Tours magic for your groups or colleagues.


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