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Why Mozambique beats out every other popular beach holiday destination


Thinking about booking a much needed and well-deserved beach holiday but not sure where to go or what to do? Great news: the tide has turned and Mozambique is ready to welcome you… The beaches are open and COVID regulations lifted (as of 21 April 2022) so it’s never been easier to enjoy a holiday here.

No need to research any further – read on to discover just five reasons why Mozambique beats out every other popular beach holiday destination on the ‘menu’.



There’s a wide selection of both ultra-luxurious resorts or budget-friendly lodges, depending on what your budget allows and what sort of getaway you’re after when booking a holiday to Mozambique. Tourists coming from most international destinations will find their currency significantly stronger than the Mozambican metical, often resulting in the opportunity to enjoy 5-star accommodation at a lower price that one might expect to pay.

It’s safe to say that Mozambique is a popular holiday destination choice amongst South Africans, in particular. After all, it’s just a stone’s throw away with an exchange rate that hovers around 1 ZAR for 4 MZN.

Fewer crowds


If you’re desperate for an idyllic beach vacation, you’ll have plenty of destination options to choose from, including sought-after island locations like Mauritius, Zanzibar and the Maldives.

Unfortunately, while these destinations are guaranteed to deliver on sunshine, sandy beaches, and luxe living, they’re also very popular year-round. In many ways, Mozambique is a true ‘hidden gem’ for memorable beach holidays, promising reduced crowds and tranquil beaches for you to enjoy.

Pristine beaches

The beaches are definitely what draws travellers in from far and wide. Think creamy, caramel-coloured sands, shimmering, warm waters, palm-fringed coastlines, and tranquillity beyond compare. The archipelagos are home to many private beaches for maximum seclusion, while Tofo Beach is the leading go-to for surfers looking to catch some serious waves. Never mind the incredible weather (that rarely dips below the mid-twenties even in winter), which is certain to take your beach experience to new levels entirely!

An abundance of marine and wildlife

Marine life under water

Whether you’re planning a classic safari inside Gorongosa National Park (spanning 4,000 square kilometres) or whether you intend to scope out the so-called Tofo ‘Big 5’ in the clear waters off Tofo Beach (dolphins, turtles, whale sharks, manta rays, and devil rays), you’re always guaranteed a diversity of creatures to discover and admire when visiting Mozambique.

Exotic cuisine

Seafood cuisine

Considering the well-populated waters, it’s unsurprising to learn that much of Mozambican cuisine is dominated by seafood, such as lobster, crab, fresh line fish, and, of course, super-spicy piri-piri prawns. While seafood is certainly in the spotlight, when sitting down to a meal, you can expect to explore a variety of other tasty dishes on the menu, most with obvious Portuguese and Arabic influences. Think creamy xima (a local staple porridge), hearty Frango Zambeziana’ (chicken Zambeziana), and flame-grilled galinha asada (succulent chicken coated in piri-piri), to name just a few examples.

Incredible sights to explore

Museum of Natural History, Mozambique

Believe it or not, but a holiday to Mozambique isn’t just about the beaches! If you’re hungry for a sight-seeing tour and are keen to take a closer look at Mozambique’s colourful history, you’re in luck. Be sure to stop by the Museu de Historia Natural (the Museum of Natural History) in Maputo, where you’ll find a diversity of enthralling exhibits, including a sprawling taxidermy menagerie on the ground floor, as well as a display of elephant foetuses at various stages of development. The colonial-style Maputo Railway Station, constructed primarily of wrought iron, is another must-see for curious holidaymakers. Nature lovers will be spellbound by the UNESCO World Heritage site Ilha de Moçambique. The island is connected to the mainland by a bridge and is home to various Portuguese-era chapels, forts, museums and thatched houses.

In short, Mozambique promises everything that anyone could ever wish for from a traditional beach holiday. Easy on the pocket, lots to see and do, practically endless, year-round sunshine, and a food scene to impress even the most distinguished foodies from around the globe.

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