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Unique adventures that await in Mozambique

Are you desperate for a beach holiday? Perhaps one that promises equal parts relaxation and adventure? Then a holiday in Mozambique definitely won’t disappoint! Not only can you laze around on the sprawling beaches to your heart’s content, but there’s also plenty of opportunity to explore and experience the many unique attractions and activities that this diverse nation has to offer.  

If a getaway in Mozambique is on the cards, here are our top picks for 5 of the most exceptional adventures that await. 

Sailing in a dhow

Sailing in a dhow

There’s no better way to marvel at the majesty of Mozambique than on-board a dhow – a traditional sailing boat made of wood. It’s certainly one of the oldest ways of exploring the East African coastline and a great way to get a taste of local culture. There are many travel suppliers offering dhow sailing, as well as dhow safaris, ideal for island hopping and taking part in other water sports and activities, like swimming with dolphins (see below), scuba diving, and deep-sea fishing.

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins sounds like fun, but it’s actually a lot more special than one might think. For many, it’s a truly life-changing experience with proven therapeutic benefits.  

For example, a study conducted in 2001 at the Bunbury Dolphin Discovery Centre in Perth, Australia demonstrated that swimming with dolphins might play a role in reducing feelings of anxiety. Another study, conducted in 2005 and published in the British Medical Journal, concluded that swimming with dolphins can work as an effective treatment for mild to moderate depression. This study supported the theory of biophilia, which theorises that wellbeing in humans is directly related to our relationship with our surrounding natural environment.  

Foodie tours

A women in a local market

Mozambique’s food scene is a massive drawcard for many travellers. A unique adventure that awaits foodies is Dana Tours Maputo food tours. The tour is sensory overload as you explore the bustling markets and meet the market vendors and cooks guided by a born and bred local guide.

Ocean safaris

Swimming Turtle

Mozambique is rich in marine life, hence the reason why it’s such a popular destination for scenic ocean safaris. Tofo Beach is arguably the go-to location for these safaris, where you’ll have the chance to spot the ‘Tofo Big 5’, namely whale sharks, devil rays, manta rays, turtles, and dolphins. If you’ve timed your visit correctly, you may even be lucky enough to see your fair share of humpback whales, too.  

Note that some ocean safaris take place on small boats, while others involve snorkelling and/or scuba diving. Check with the Dana Tours team before making a booking if you’d prefer to remain (mostly) dry.  

Hike in Chimanimani

Chimanimani National Park

We’re sure that you don’t think of a hiking adventure when heading to our sun-splashed shores. But think again and pack the hiking boots or active sneakers! 
Dana Tours has made a wonderful new contact, a hiking contact up north, that will take you on a 5-night guided adventure into the forests, waterfalls and wild landscape of Chimanimani National Park. Expert guides will point out rare flowers, endemic plants, animals and birds and enthral you with tales of Chimanimani culture and history. The area is best observed from April to November. 

Once you’re done with your adventures, you can then turn your attention to the beach, its welcoming waters, and the abundant sunshine, making a day of your visit. Slather on your sunblock and watch out for strong currents, checking in with the locals where it’s safest to swim if you fancy a refreshing dip.  

Are you sold? Then now’s the time to look into Mozambique holiday packages and put your plans into motion. Choose Dana Tours for a variety of unmissable deals, geared towards ensuring that you get to experience the best of Mozambique and its many facets. Browse our website or get in touch with our team for support, guidance, or a quote.  


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