We Know Mozambique

Tofo Beach

Welcome to one of Mozambique’s most developed centers of tourism, Tofo Beach. Here you will find a prolific collection of restaurants, cafés, dive centers and lodgings. Mozambique has a coast line of over 2,500 kilometers, so why is Tofo so unique?

More About Tofo Beach

Aside from stunning sandy beaches and dramatic landscapes of black coral rock along Tofinho, the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean off of this spit of land offer much more. Humpback Whales (seasonal) are seen from boats and the shore in large numbers; listen to their songs on dives.

Many reef fish and dolphins, turtles, large schools of game fish, marlin and sailfish are found in Tofo’s waters. A large variety of marine life is found in Tofo as elsewhere all along the coast of Mozambique. Here the main attractions are the megafauna species: the whale shark(Rhincodon typus), and the two manta ray species, the reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) and giant manta ray (M. birostris).

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