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Things to do in Maputo

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Things to do in Maputo

Planning a Maputo holiday escape? Renowned for being one of Africa’s most attractive capitals and the most developed city in Mozambique, Maputo is that wonderful mix of Latino African style and charm. Enjoy all its flavours over a weekend stay…

Explore Maputo

The best way to get the feel of a new city is by going on a guided walking tour. The Bairro Mafalala Walking Tour’s main focus is on the city’s rich cultural and historical roots, including a visit to a traditional healer or curandeiro as well as a dance performance.

Another excellent way to explore the city of Maputo is by means of the Mozambique City Tours. They run a hop-on hop-off train that loops the city in two hours with 10 scheduled stops at the city’s main sights. You can buy your tickets from the kiosk at the main entrance of the train station.

If you are interested in learning more about Maputo’s unique architecture and art you should consider going on one of the Jane Flood Specialist Walking Tours that runs through Maputo’s famous “Baixa” region.



Maputo Museum

See Maputo…

Maputo offers a whole range of sights and landmarks for the curious traveller. For those who are fascinated by architecture, the city’s train station is a must visit as one of Maputo’s most imposing landmarks.

The National Art Museum in Maputo is another must-see for art lovers and connoisseurs. The Museum has an outstanding collection of sculptures and paintings by Mozambique’s finest contemporary artists, including Alberto Chissano and Malangatana.

Another curious sight and attraction in Maputo is the Iron House. This house was designed for the governor in the 19th century by a student of Gustav Eiffel – the same man who designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The house features a full metal exterior that unfortunately proved to be too hot for the tropical Mozambican climate.

Shop in Maputo…
Maputo Crafts

What is a holiday without the occasional shopping expedition? If you’re staying at the Southern Sun Hotel you should definitely consider paying a visit to Artedif arts and crafts market about 400m south of the hotel. This cooperative for disabled people sells crafts that are slightly more expensive than at street markets, but you’ll get a much higher quality product.

Have you already finished reading the whole supply of books you brought with you on holiday? It might be time to pay a visit to Mabuku, a bookstore selling a small selection of English books and magazines. Mabuku is located across the road from the South African High Commission.

Pay a visit to Casa Elefante opposite the Municipal Market for all your fashion and accessory shopping needs. There are many tailors nearby and it’s also a good place to buy a capulana – a colourful African cloth that’s worn by women in Mozambique.

Maputo FoodEat in Maputo…

When you’re done with all the tours, sightseeing and shopping – you’re going to be all kinds of hungry. Check out Mundo’s if you’re in the mood for large portions of burritos, burgers or pizza. For bookings phone +258 21 494080.

For a more traditional Mozambican experience, head to the Fish Market off Avenida Marginal. Here you can buy your choosing of fresh fish and have it prepared and cooked by one of the restaurant stalls in the enclosed adjoining area. The stalls also offer side dishes like rice and chips to complete your meal.


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