The DANA Difference


In 1994 Dana Agency hired a young trainee named Natalie Tenzer-Silva to work in the Maputo office as a travel agent. Things were different back then. Most bookings were handled by the global distribution system (GDS) in the head office in Nelspruit. Tickets were couriered by air to Dana Agency in Maputo.

Within a few years Mozambique’s travel industry began to take off, Dana Agency implemented the Galileo (GDS) booking system and Natalie Tenzer-Silva became office manager.

With Natalie Tenzer-Silva at the helm, Dana Agency Maputo became one of the first Mozambican travel agencies to achieve IATA membership.

Reliable service in responsible tourism attracted embassies, NGOs, government agencies and private individuals all of whom became regular clients at Dana Agency.

In 2002, Mozambique’s budding market for inbound tourism prompted Natalie Tenzer-Silva to embark on a partnership with Dana Agency and founded a Tour Operator focusing on inbound tourism to Mozambique – today’s Dana Tours. Simultaneously Dana Agency’s outstanding reputation attracted the attention of Lufthansa, which was in need of a general sales agent (GSA) for Mozambique.

Thus a small office was opened adjacent to Dana Agency housing both a new Lufthansa (GSA) and Dana Tours in its infancy. Natalie Tenzer-Silva continued to manage Dana Agency and run Dana Tours as well as the Lufthansa GSA. However, by 2003 Dana Tours’ success demanded the attention of a full-time director and Natalie resigned at Dana Agency without renewing the contract with Lufthansa. Dana Tours has remained a partnership between today’s previous owners of Dana Agency and Natalie Tenzer-Silva as the Director. Dana Tours focuses entirely on inbound tours to Mozambique, Mpumalanga and Swaziland.


Living Forest Endeavour 4 Sofala

Mozambique is one of the world’s poorest economies as well one of the world’s last countries with large areas of truly pristine flora and fauna. Now the people of Mozambique hold this enormous asset in their hands, and with wise management potentially for the world’s future. However, the conservation of these valuable natural habitats represents a huge challenge in today’s Mozambique. Pro-Sofala Verde – PSV (Mozambique) and the Life4Sofala Foundation (US) support community-based conservation efforts within Sofala Province. Communities in Sofala are planting and tending indigenous tree species and implementing sustainable apiculture practices. These organisations are also working towards the introduction of sustainable farming techniques in these communities. Research and writing on this website was carried out by a Life4Sofala board member, Celesta von Chamier. Dana Tours encourages individuals and corporations to visit or the and contact ether Celesta at or Jean-Paul at to find out how you can help Mozambicans conserve their natural heritage for a brighter future.