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Stephanie Von Allmen

Stephanie Von Allmen

Born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, Stephanie Von Allmen has been part of the Dana team for two and a half years.

The people and the endless beaches captured her heart, especially Ilha de Moçambique, where her Mozambique side of the family is originally from. It’s a tiny island filled with smiling, friendly people who are eager to share their stories (it is not difficult to see why this is Stephanie’s favourite destination!)

Stephanie’s number one tip for visitors is try to see as much as possible during their stay! However, Stephanie cautions visitors to keep in mind that Mozambique is a large country with over 2500kms of coastline, so it’s sometimes best to limit your stay and plan another a returning trip, rather than racing around trying to see it all.

What is most important according to Stephanie is that visitors revel in the untouched beauty that is Mozambique!