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Southern Mozambique’s top diving spots

diving-1218970_1280Planning a diving trip in 2016? Somersault in to southern Mozambique…

Dotting the coastline are pristine coral reefs just waiting to be explored in the year-round warm
waters of Mozambique.

And the cherry on the cake?

Definitely the marine biodiversity combined with the fact that this diving hotspot is not overrun with divers.

Here are Dana Tours’ picks for the top diving spots in southern Mozambique…

Ponta do Ouro


About 15km from the Kosi Bay border between South Africa and Mozambique sits a small coastal town called Ponta do Ouro. Its beautiful reefs and quiet blue ocean will mesmerise divers – no matter what the weather looks like on the top side.

There are several excellent diving centres in Ponta do Ouro from where you can rent your gear. They will also guide you to some of the best diving spots Mozambique has to offer.

Reef marine life such as guitarfish, sea cucumbers, goldies, parrot fish and potato bass are spotted regularly in the waters of Ponta do Ouro. Humpback whales and sometimes even whale shark are spotted from July through December.

hai-676167_1280During the peak shark season of September through April, divers have the opportunity to encounter shark species such as blacktip and whitetip shark, Zambezi shark and several species of rays along the continental shelf at the Reef Pinnacles.

Other sites include Doodles with a large variety of eels, shrimp, octopus, and again shark. The Blacks Reef has nudibranchs, lion fish and more. Paradise Reef really is a paradise with coral, gullies, moray eels, red fang trigger fish and a huge variety of reef fish.

Coco Rico is the place to stay if you are traveling with friends. It’s located right on the beach with multi-room units. Kaya Kweru has a wide range of accommodation from dorm rooms to en-suite double rooms with verandas on the beach.

Ponta Mamoli


Ponta Mamoli is a diver’s paradise – there are no other words to describe it. In addition to the species seen in the nearby waters of Ponta do Ouro, you’ll also get to see nudibranchs, partner shrimp and squat shrimp. If you are very lucky, the seldom-seen harlequin shrimp might also make an appearance.

If you’re looking for really exclusive dive sites, you’ll find them at Ponta Mamoli. There’s usually no more than one boat on the water at a time and the reefs aren’t spoiled by hordes of other divers hanging around in the background. Dive sites range from 8m for beginner divers to 40m and beyond for advanced divers.

For those who would like an exclusive diving location with a fully equipped PADI certified diving operator, choose the White Pearl Resort. They will absolutely spoil you in every way.

Contact Dana Tours today to book the ideal location for your diving adventure in the Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Mamoli region.


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