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Relative to other African destinations, Mozambique has a low crime rate and is a safe place to live, work and visit. However, pick-pocketing and purse snatching does happen, just like large cities and tourist centers elsewhere, especially in crowded places like markets and public beaches. There are occasional incidents of serious crime involving a weapon of some sort and car-jacking, specifically in the larger cities. Tourist destinations are rarely effected. A few tips while in Mozambique: avoid walking alone at night in cities or on beaches near cities; avoid showing off valuable electronics, jewelry and large amounts of cash. While driving in urban areas keep your doors locked and your windows mostly shut. Like anywhere else, avoid offering strangers a lift and know that those who appear to be in distress might not be. Avoid driving at night outside urban areas.

If you are unlucky and encounter crime, you will need a police report for insurance purposes and your home country may require a police report before replacing stolen passports. Contact your embassy immediately if your passport has been stolen. Tip: read your insurance policy carefully about coverage for theft outside your home country.