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New Luxury Tented Camp to be Built In Gorongosa, Mozambique


The Gorongosa Collection is proud to announce it’s investment in tourism in The Gorongosa National Park, with the construction of the first tented camp, to begin March 2017 and expected to be open in late 2017.

Muzimu Tented Camp, which means “The Spirit of Gorongosa”, promises to provide an intimate setting for an inspiring experience on safari in Gorongosa. The camp will boast only six tents overlooking the Mussicadzi riverbed, and the talented and skilled team will guide guests on safari by vehicle, boat and foot.

Gorgongosa_Lake Urema
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Gorongosa National Park was once described as “The place that Noah left his ark”, but years of civil conflict took their toll on the area and almost brought the park to complete destruction. In 2008, The Carr Foundation teamed up with the Government of Mozambique to create The Gorongosa Restoration Project (GRP). The GRP’s support for human development and biodiversity is redefining what it means to be a National Park.

Today, after years of work, wildlife has rebounded in the park to large animal numbers reaching more than 70,000. Guests visiting the park will experience, not only a first-class safari offered by The Gorongosa Collection camps, but also feel part of the restoration story by seeing, firsthand, the contributions to this incredible wilderness through cutting-edge research and science.


“Gorongosa National Park is a story of recovery, of hope, of restoration. And so we are here to help heal this magnificent ecosystem, and at the same time a little part of ourselves too” Paola Bouley, Gorongosa Lion Project Director and Founder

About the Gorongosa Collection

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The Gorongosa Collection is planning the creation of a number of exciting luxury safari operations within Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique.

Tourism contributes towards conservation by ensuring the sustainable use of the extraordinary ecosystems within the Park. It creates jobs and opportunities for the local communities, and visitors leave Gorongosa changed, enlightened by the knowledge that a National Park can be a force for change, and aware that they are part of this incredible journey.

Muzimu Tented Camp will be the first of the tented camps, located on the banks of the Mussicadzi River, and will be operational late 2017.

About Muzimu Tented Camp

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Muzimu Tented Camp is the first exciting development of The Gorongosa Collection. This luxury, exclusive tented camp is located beside the banks of the Mussicadzi River in Gorongosa National Park.

An intimate experience, the camp has only six guest tents, and will offer a full, first-class traditional safari experience, including walking, game drives and boating excursions. Guests of Muzimu will also visit Gorongosa Restoration Project and “Be a part of one of the greatest wildlife restoration stories” during their stay.

The camp will be operational from April to the end of December each year, weather permitting.


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