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Mozambique has something for every type of traveller

Endless beaches, dugongs, dhows and cracking good piri-piri chicken? Yup, there’s nothing Mozambique doesn’t have. It’s one of the few places where you can combine a fly-and-flop beach holiday with a wildlife safari – and that’s exactly why our guests love it! 

This Tourism Day, on 27 September, we’re taking the opportunity to showcase all the best that our beloved Mozam has to offer. Whether it’s culture, history, or nature you seek, you can certainly find it right here. 

For thrill-seekers

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Mozam is bursting with a mind-boggling amount of adventure experiences. It’s tough to know where to begin! Our suggestion? Gorongosa National Park. A great place for that wilderness fix, with guided game drives getting you closer to those bigger beasts of the bush (ellies and lions!).  

When you’re ready to wash off the safari dust, kick back on Bazaruto where you can kayak and snorkel to your heart’s content (and perhaps be lucky enough to swim alongside whale sharks). If that’s not enough to whet your appetite for adventure, scuba dive down to Neptune’s Nursery. This 15-metre-deep reef is brimming with soft coral and remains a rich hunting ground for blue spotted stingrays and various game fish. 

For culture vultures 

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The thriving metropolis of Maputo is everything you could expect of a modern-day African city, but slightly more laidback. It’s brimming with culture, so if that’s what you’re after, best book a few nights here to get under the skin of this thriving capital city.  

For handmade trinkets and treasures (and a new capulana), make your way to the FEIMA curio market. The artsy hub of Núcleo De Arte is also a must, however, nothing expresses the richness of Mozam quite like its local fare. Time your arrival at Mercado do Peixe at lunchtime and you won’t be disappointed. A good place to fill the belly (and heart!), you’ll soon be munching down on fresh fish and giant tiger prawns cooked over an open flame. Don’t forget to add in some steamy paõ buns and a crisp Laurentina to wash it all down.  

For history buffs 

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Maputo’s gothic-style Museum of Natural History

After over four centuries under Portuguese rule, it’s no secret that Mozambique has somewhat of a turbulent history. That said, the country’s past is also incredibly nuanced and highly intriguing to travellers wanting to gain a better understanding. 

With landmark sites such as the Fortress, Railway Station, City Hall, Independence Square, and The Iron House, Maputo is a stellar place to start. If you’re wondering how to go about it, rather ditch Google Maps and join one of our dedicated Maputo day tours. Mozambique’s history also stems well before the arrival of Vasco da Gama, so if you’re looking for an expert to lead the way, we know exactly where to find one. 

As a side note, Ilha de Moçambique remains an intriguing island destination rich in history and culture, so be sure to add it to your travel list. 

For wellness junkies 

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Azura Benguerra – copyright Scott Ramsay – www.LoveWildAfrica.com

Looking to centre yourself or simply escape the hustle and bustle of the world? There’s no better place to be than Mozam.  

For a relaxed holiday with everything at your fingertips, snap up a stay at Azura Benguerra (on the island of Benguerra). Just imagine it: private beach dinners, horse riding along the shoreline, and lazy afternoons at the spa. The best part? This exceptional resort further ensures a minimal environmental footprint, further promoting community-centred tourism.  

Ready to grab your passport and go? We’ve got some great news – our 2023 itineraries are now available to book. Our team is on standby, so get in touch here and let’s get you on your way.


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