We Know Mozambique

In an overconnected world, a little quiet time is what your millennial team is after…


More than one-third of today’s workers are millennials, with this generation set to make up half of the global workforce by 2020., according to the Pew Research Centre.

Motivating and incentivising this generation is very different to how the Gen X and Boomers were incentivised. This “Selfie Generation” is all about making the most of this one life (YOLO) and if we’re positive about one thing, it’s that this generation loves to travel.

Designing incentive travel programmes, with the evolving desires of millennials firmly in mind, is a successful and sustainable strategy for many companies. So how do you motivate a group of people who are looking for an authentic, life-changing experience?

According to a recent Skift report, millennials are turning to experiences that encourage silence, a disconnection from technology and reintroduction to the outdoors as the ultimate luxury.

“In a world where we glorify how busy we are and over-schedule ourselves, people are willing to pay for silence. There’s tremendous scarcity around quiet-time, alone-time, having white-space, and doing nothing—therefore it’s incredibly valuable,” explains Well+Good co-founder, Melisse Gelula.

Millennial snorkellingThere’s no signal under water: Mozambique offers the ultimate tranquil environment. A sure way to guarantee a technology break is to get your team into the water! The ample diving, snorkelling and swimming will give them the freedom they desire. Snorkelling with whale sharks or experiencing the rush of seeing sharks on your scuba dive is a life changing experience that will be remembered forever.

So much to see in the bush, you’ll forget you ever had a phone: Nothing brings you “down to earth” than some quality “face time” with nature. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been to the bush (or if you’ve never been), seeing a herd of elephants, hearing the far away cries of wild dogs or seeing a true African bush sunset just seems to do wonders for the soul.

Mozambique is one of the few destinations where you can experience beach and bush. Gorongosa National Park has undergone a huge restoration and introduction of animals, in April 2018 a new pack of wild dogs were introduced and it’s little stories like this that make the park so special. A trip to the bush may just be what millennials not only want, but crave.

Millennial social tourismMaking a difference to someone else, makes a difference to millennials: Millennials are also known as the socially conscious generation who want to make a difference which is why Social Tourism has been a buzz word for the last few years.

Social tourism, is a form of tourism that brings travellers to local communities with the goal of not only gaining pleasure from the experience, but also contributing to the places they’re visiting.

As you can imagine, there are more opportunities to make a difference in Mozambique than we can count. Dana Tours works with communities and organisations in a way that can truly change people’s lives. Millennials can spend a few days at a local school painting the classrooms, cooking meals and assisting with homework or reading. It’s important to align the volunteer or social aspect with your company’s vision and a tailor-made approach works best here.


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