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How to plan the perfect bachelorette weekend

When a girls’ night out just isn’t enough to celebrate your bachelorettes, you need a weekend getaway to help you rediscover good friendships and forge great memories.

The diaspora has meant that your besties probably no longer live in the same city as you. They may live on the other side of the country, perhaps even on the other side of the pond. And while Facebook, WhatsApp and the odd Skype help to keep you bonded, there’s nothing more unforgettable than a couple of days spent together, without any distractions – work, admin and your soon-to-be other half.

If you’re agonising over where to spend that special weekend to reconnect with friends, and yourself, here are a few great tips from Natalie Tenzer-Silva, Director at Dana Tours in Mozambique, which is wooing bachelor and bachelorette travellers seeking a little Latin-African flair before they tie the knot.

The guest of honour

Regardless if it is one person or multiple people planning the bachelorette weekend, it is important not to lose sight of who the main event is actually for.

Find out what the bride wants in terms of location, theme, and guest list.  Have a one-on-one with the bride-to-be and confirm at least three potential dates that would work for her. There is also no shame in asking the bride if she wants to be involved in the planning, as some brides would actually prefer to be actively involved in the finer details of their bachelorette party.




While deciding on the ideal destination may seem pretty straightforward, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Keep in mind that everyone that is interested in attending the getaway may not travel from the same point of departure. While it is impossible to get it right for everyone, all the time, at least try to look at a destination which is easily accessible via convenient connections, if direct flights or other alternatives are not available.

You will also need to decide which area you want to stay in and research the facilities and activities that are available.

Mozambique’s beach, cuisine and culture make it an exotic option for South Africans seeking something different, but close to home. A flight from Johannesburg to Maputo takes less than an hour with several flight options up to the beautiful archipelagos and beaches on offer.


Choice of accommodation will ultimately depend on the chosen location within the destination of choice and of course the available budget of those attending.

Shop around for specials, or speak to travel experts who will be in the best position of guiding and helping you secure the best available rates and inclusive offers such as complimentary transport from the airport to your accommodation and back.

If your destination of choice is Mozambique, then it would make logical sense to stay in the capital, Maputo because of its proximity by air and road from Johannesburg.

However, besides the close proximity, Maputo offers an eclectic vibe. The atmosphere in the capital city is not only welcoming, but offers visitors a glimpse into the heart and soul of Mozambique, its offering and its people.

Opportunities exist to take a boat tour to Inhaca Island, located across Maputo Bay, about 30km east of the city. The boat departs from Maputo Marina (Escola Nautica) to Santa Maria in the morning. On arrival at Santa Maria, those who would like to snorkel can do so. En-route to Inhaca Island, where you can enjoy a seafood lunch, there is an optional stop at the Marine Biology Museum where you can learn more about the local biodiversity. After lunch, you can visit Portuguese Island for a swim before returning to Maputo. The islands are about 15 minutes apart from each other by boat. The return to Maputo may take slightly longer due to choppy seas and timing is tide-dependent.

In the evening, you can of course join in the vibrant Maputo nightlife for a night out with the girls.

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Plan events

Try to get the most of your destination bachelorette getaway by mapping out a few possible alternative activities. Just because you all travel together will not mean that everyone will want to join in the same activities throughout your entire stay, except of course for that planned.

Your fellow travellers will appreciate the fact that you are providing structure and choice.



cost 1027567 1920That question about cost…

While some getaways will be reasonably cost-friendly, others can turn out to be quite lavish and not suit everybody’s budget.

Once the guest list is finalised, share your planned destination, date and expected budget. Share with guests what this budget does and does not include so they can account for any extra expenses they may incur. Also, be very clear on how payment will work and when it needs to be finalised.


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