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Health, happiness and wellness in Mozambique

If this is the year that health and wellness, authenticity and sustainable travel are going to feature in your holiday experience, good news is that you won’t need to travel far to achieve it.

From swimming with dolphins, to relaxing yoga experiences, authenticity is what Mozambique does very well. What’s more is that it’s not far from home, and you don’t need a visa! Here’s how to be healthy, happy and well in Mozambique this 2017.

Swim With DolphinsMeet the ocean shrink

Worldwide research suggests that swimming with dolphins can help travellers de-stress and relax; alleviate depression, assist with insomnia and help disabilities such as ADD, autism, muscular dystrophy and downs syndrome to name but a few.

Besides the obvious therapeutic experience of submerging yourself in the warm Indian Ocean, swimming with dolphins is believed to offer enlightenment, with participants left feeling content for hours after an encounter with these friendly ocean friends.

The Dolphin Encounter Centre based in Ponta do Ouro offers dolphin therapy sessions working with wild, non-captive populations of dolphins and the entire experience promises to be one of health, wellbeing and healing.

Experiences available through the Dolphin Encounter Centre include volunteer dolphin care, dolphin retreats and scheduled dolphin dates. And booking your experience is just as easy through an online application through dolphincentre.org

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Sustainable travel: By signing up for the volunteer programme you are giving back to the dolphins and the community

Authentic experience:  It is not every day that you get to swim with dolphins

Health and wellness: Dolphin therapy is guaranteed to give your mental and physical health a boost


Yoga Option 2Bend it like a Yogi

While Yoga studios and retreats are offered throughout Mozambique you are most likely to have the best experience in Maputo, Tofo or Ponta do Ouro. Here a few options to consider for your Mozambican yoga experience.

One of the many renowned yoga retreats in Mozambique is Turtle Cove located in Tofo, 20km from the town of Inhambane and 450km north of Maputo. Tucked away amidst the lush palm gardens, approximately 1km back from Tofinho and Tofo beach, yogis will have access to resident yoga teachers stationed at Turtle Cove and on-going yoga retreats on offer. Turtle Cove appeals to travellers, mature back backpackers and holiday makers who are looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, comfortable and clean accommodation, excellent food and good value for money.

Yoga retreats offered in Mozambique are most likely to be hosted by expert yoga instructors who offer workshops and meditation sessions.

How does this rate on the travel trend scale

Sustainable travel: Many of exclusive villas and lodges assist communities to sustain healthy lifestyles through training, mentorship and education programmes. When you stay at some of the properties in Mozambique you will find that they were built and restored by local people, which is a true example of how tourism positively impacts on the local community.

Authentic experience:  Besides the obvious fact of the destination itself, yoga retreats are often combined with other activities such as swimming with dolphins and whale sharks, lessons in African drum playing and traditional song and dance as well as relaxing pampering sessions.

Health and wellness: Mozambique as the destination of choice is the ideal location to escape from the hustle and bustle of normal life. With its secluded beaches, delicious food and spectacular coastline, you will find the perfect opportunity to relax with other like-minded people.





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