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Female corporate travel tips for Mozambique

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We’re big fans of the solo female travel trend here at Dana Tours. Since we encounter quite a few ladies visiting Mozambique on business trips, we decided to do some digging and put together a few interesting tips and downright useful information for women heading to our shores in the coming months.

A note on what to pack

Always a hot topic when it comes to corporate travel in Mozambique. For starters, leave those long tops, chunky blazers and trousers at home. The Mozam weather is hot and humid (just how we like it), so rather go for breezy blouses and corporate skirts instead. Wet wipes or a refreshing face spritzer is a lifesaver when you need to step outside. While most conference and meeting rooms in hotels are air-conditioned, it’s always better to come prepared.

Our Dana Tours Director Natalie Tenzer-Silva recommends adding an outfit on the slightly fancier (and fun) side for cocktail evenings at sunset. These are popular for networking and always on the agenda when it comes to business travel. She also suggests packing in some decent sunglasses and opting for a face cream with an SPF for outdoor luncheons.

Lastly, be sure to bring some comfortable flats if the itinerary calls for transfers alongside other delegates. It’s not always easy stepping off, or on to a boat in heels. On that note, extra hair ties and clips can help tame the beast if you find yourself caught in the sea breeze!

Also, how to pack

You won’t have a huge luggage allowance to play with if you’re flying on charter planes in Mozambique, so rather leave the heavy shampoos and body lotions behind. Most of our hotels provide their own products and are often made from natural, eco-friendly ingredients. The same goes for hairdryers (be sure to check this beforehand).

Bags at Mozambique market
Shop for colourful bags and local arts and crafts in the markets of Mozambique.

We know it can be hard but try to leave some extra space in your bag for picking up a few goodies to take back with you after the trip. Most lodges and hotels here in Mozambique have beautifully curated gift shops but our local markets are even better and are guaranteed to have something wonderful to catch your eye.

Pick up a stylish shawl or capulana wrap (printed sarongs worn by local women). We’ve seen them used as picnic blankets, towels, tablecloths, baby slings, wall hangings and even impromptu curtains. We can already feel a me-to-me gift coming on…

Try a few guided tours


Dana Tours Mozambique beach female corporate business travel
Flop on the beach in Mozambique for a perfect leisurely end to your business day.

A note to all ladies – Mozambique ticks all the right boxes for those wanting to add in some leisure during their business trip. After all, what could be better than flopping on the beach for a dose of sunshine once all those corporate meetings have finally come to a close.

If you’d love to take a trip on your own but are perhaps not quite confident enough to take the leap, our Dana Tours experts are here to help you every step of the way. We have a wide range of accommodation options for ladies who just want to kick back and feel well-looked after.

If you’re particularly interested in getting under the skin of Maputo, join one of our Maputo day tours. We’ve already done the travel homework here, carefully adding the best bits of the city, and packaging them together for short-on-time business travellers. There’s also no need to worry about getting lost!

We’d love to empower more female travellers to see more of Mozam and are dedicated to making the planning process fun, easy and exciting. If you’d love to get some more top tips and handy hints for your next corporate trip, get in touch here. 


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