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Travel packages

There is a travel package to suit every budget and interest! Choose from the below five tiers of package options or contact us to tailormake a personalized package to suit your needs.

Tier 1 “Marrabenta”

  • Hamper / Hotel dinner voucher
  • Up to 5,000Mts

Tier 2 "Mapiko”

  • 1 night in hotel accommodation
  • Up to 8,000Mts

Tier 3 “Mucapata”

  • 2 nights in hotel accommodation
  • Up to 15,000Mts

Tier 4 “Massala”

  • 1 to 2 nights in hotel or beach resort accommodation
  • Up to 29,000Mts

Tier 5 “Mussiro”

  • Luxury packages
  • From 30,000Mts +

Subject to terms and conditions.


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