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‘Business’ plus ‘leisure’ equals ‘bleisure’

Dana Tours bleisure trips and day tours to Mozambique

The Dana Tours team helps to deconstruct the growing trend of ‘bleisure’ in business travel

If you keep stumbling upon this word “bleisure’ when it comes to your travel planning, we can assure you, it’s not a spelling mistake.

Over the last few years, this portmanteau (a word created by blending two words) has slowly solidified itself in the travel and tourism industry. It combines the two different terms of ‘business’ and ‘leisure’.

While it may be fun to eventually figure out, what does this concept really entail?

Well, bleisure reflects a small yet growing trend in business travel where a business executive combines both elements of business and leisure on their work-related trips. In other words, it’s a “more carrot than stick” approach to corporate travelling.

How can I travel for bleisure?

If your biggest concern is the added expense, we know there are ways in which to promote bleisure within your own schedule and amongst your workforce without compromising on productivity and budget.

Mozambique has established itself as an ideal destination for bleisure travel, with Maputo set to host a number of big-name, reputable events in 2019, including the US-Africa Business Summit in June.

If you need someone down on the ground to help, the Dana Tours team has long been helping travellers with ready-to-go-itineraries that strike the right balance between work and play. We know that you, and your team, simply need to be smart in your travel planning.

From incentivising leisure activities for hitting targets, to incorporating remote working days, and extending trips over weekends, bleisure is easier than you think.

We’re here to help you embark on a bleisure break to remember. In the meantime here are a few value-add day tours for all you soon-to-be bleisure travellers to try in Maputo this year.

What are the benefits of Bleisure?

If your biggest concern is the additional expense and time, it’s time to give this another thought. Bleisure has and is gaining popularity because it’s closely linked to worker productivity and job satisfaction.

A 2018 report by the Global Business Travel Association in North America showed the percentage of generations extending a work trip for leisure were:

● 23% were Baby Boomers (1946-1964)
● 33% were Gen-X travellers (1964-1980)
● 48% were Millennials (1981-1997)

At Dana Tours, we’ve found that bleisure is especially relevant to Millennial travel trends with younger employees being more likely to add a leisure element to their business trips. It’s an effortless way to motivate and retain top-achievers and to build a positive company culture.

Remember, not all deals are closed sitting around a table. So if you’re ready to add a little more leisure to your business this year, contact our team here.


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