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Driving into Mozambique? Border times vary and getting reliable information on exactly when which borders close can be a challenge so Dana Tours is by no means responsible for the information provided by MITUR (Ministry of Tourism). Note: currently information available to Dana Tours reflects that the Ressano Garcia border is now open from 06:00 to 24:00 (6 a.m. – midnight).

Regardless of when borders close, Dana Tours suggests for those travelling to Mozambique by car to arrive at Mozambique’s international border with plenty of time to get where you are going prior to sunset. Driving at night is unsafe anywhere in rural Africa and Mozambique is no exception.

If you are driving your vehicle and the car is in the name of a bank, you need a letter from the Bank authorizing you to bring it to Mozambique in addition to all other documents required by the South African and Mozambican authorities. All documents must be originals.

It is a good idea to consult the Drive Moz or Moz info sites for up-to-date information on procedures for crossing the Ressano Garcia / Lebombo border post as well as all the documents that you require. The Ressano Garcia / Lebombo border post is the major crossing point between SA and Mozambique. It becomes very congested during school and national holidays. Ressano Garcia is open from 06:00-23:00.  At certain critical times of the year, such as Easter and New Year, it may be open 24 hours.

Don’t forget to buy your third party insurance coverage at the Mozambique side of the border, it’s compulsory in Mozambique. Whereas most immigration and custom officials in Mozambique are working in the interests of law and order, reports of Mozambican officials soliciting bribes from tourists are common. If you feel you have been targeted and wish to report an incident, contact the anti-corruption hotline with an exact description of the incident including the officers name, date and time at 800 460 460.

Disclaimer: The data and links provided above are an informative service to travelers to Mozambique, but are in no way binding and are subject to change at any time without notice on this website. Dana Tours cannot be held responsible for the validity or the authenticity of the information obtained here or from sites to which this page is linked.