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A Mozambique road trip with Jeremy Clarkson

Mozambique Road trip

Ever imagined what a Mozambique road trip would be like? Thanks to Jeremy Clarkson and the Grand Tour, you can now see first-hand what it really entails – well, kind of.

After his departure from Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson began filming this new series, pairing up with his British TV presenter buddies, Richard Hammond and James May.

The show chronicles their shenanigans, as they embark on new adventures around the world, driving new, exciting and often ridiculous automobiles, whilst engaging in the constant bickering for which they are so well known.

Embarking on a Mozambique road trip

As the second season nears to a close, The Grand Tour Mozambique Special ‘Feed the World’ aired recently on Amazon Prime Video, which did not disappoint its extensive viewership. This episode tackles the diet problem of the inhabitants of a small central village called Bingo, who can’t get easy access to the plentiful supply of fish in coastal towns like Maputo, which lies 160km away.

Mozambique road trip

The trio look to solving this problem by attempting to transport fish to Bingo to see how difficult it really is. Predictably, they cannot agree on the best method to do this, which makes for an entertaining spectacle with Clarkson perched behind the wheel of a dodgy Nissan pick-up, May in an old 1980s Mercedes 200T and Hammond on a brand new TVS Star motorcycle (although you wouldn’t believe it with all that dust).

Mozambique road trip

Hammond falling off his motorcycle too many times to count might be the funniest moment in the series, proving if it were that easy to navigate Mozambique’s adventurous roads, everybody would be doing it on the back of a bike.

Here’s a snippet of how that actually went down:

If you’re a hardcore Grand Tour of Mozambique fan you’ve surely seen it by now, but here’s a clip of what May comes up with, and what he thought was clearly the most brilliant idea to transport fish to Bingo:

A real grand tour of Mozambique

If you’re feeling inspired thanks to The Grand Tour with Jeremy Clarkson in Mozambique, why not tackle your own Mozambique road trip?

Our team here at Dana Tours have expert knowledge of the road network throughout the country, which is important, especially as Mozambican roads outside the main areas not the easiest to navigate.

Instead of winging it, like Clarkson and his crew, we can offer practical advice for regarding the correct vehicle to use, the best route, general safety tips and we’ll even recommend the best local bars and restaurants, with the most delicious fresh seafood you won’t need to fall in the mud for.

If you’re not ready to trek 4×4-style across Mozambique, board a plane bound for our tropical weather and pristine beaches. You’ll be rewarded with scuba diving, snorkeling, boating, sunset cruises, jet-skiing, kayaking, and plenty of swimming or simply relax on a sunlounger with a cocktail.

Keep track of the live updates of the Grand Tour on their Twitter feed, then get in touch with us here if you’re up for the real grand tour of Mozambique.


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