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Welcome to Dana Tours
Welcome to Dana Tours
Dana Tours is the premier inbound tour operator for Mozambique. This website will show you why.
Dana Tours is the premier inbound tour operator for Mozambique. This website will show you why.
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Mozambique is a unique tourist destinations, largely undiscovered by the masses. With 3000 kilometers of pristine beach, 12 national parks and very friendly people (Vasco da Gama called Mozambique terra da boa gente - the land of the gentle people), Mozambique is the place to relax and unwind. Dana Tours is Mozambique's premier inbound travel agency. With over 100 excellent hotels in our portfolio combined with a decade's worth of experience, we can plan you the trip of a lifetime.

Below are just some of the highlights of Mozambique. Relax, sit back and navigate this website to your heart's content - we've got it all laid out for you.

Niassa Reserve

Crossing sandbanks|Sometimes, all you can do is walk.Niassa – the word evokes images of vast expanses of pristine wilderness untouched by Man, teeming with a rich diversity of rare species of birds and game.  Niassa does not disappoint.

The Niassa National Reserve extends through northern Mozambique to the border with Tanzania comprising an area of 42 000km2 which is twice the size of the Kruger Park. One of Africa´s largest reserves, Niassa  is home to Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo as well as to rare and endangered species such as the endemic Johnston`s Impala, Niassa Wildebeest, Boehm´s Zebra, Sable Antelope and a healthy population of African Wild Dog. Forty species of fish have been recorded in its rivers which are also home to thriving Hippopotamus and Crocodiles. Learn more

Azura at Quilálea

Azura Quilálea|At Azura, your private spa and the beach are one.Azura at Quilalea is the second of only two “Azura” eco-boutique island retreats. Quilalea Island is eighty-six pristine hectares of tropical island in the only fully protected area of the Quirimbas Archipelago, which spans the border of Mozambique and Tanzania. Mozambique’s Quirimbas National Park is home to what has been described as eastern Africa’s highest marine and terrestrial bio-diversity in one park. Azura brings unparalleled luxury and hospitality to this remote yet magnificent paradise.

Cuisine on Quilalea Island focuses fine dining on natural produce available locally, in line with Azura’s “Eco Ethos”. Fresh fish and seafood dominate the menu and dining is a relaxed affair. Your private butler-host will ensure that each dining experience at Azura is special with varied decorations and venues. Learn more

Diving & Snorkeling

Snorkelling at Ibo|Snorkelling at Ibo IslandDiving in Mozambique is extraordinary. No matter how beautiful, images cannot capture the splendor of Mozambique’s marine life. You simply must come and see it for yourself. The country’s 2,500 kilometer coast line is dotted with pristine coral reefs and its year round warm waters make Mozambique an ideal location for diving. Additionally, many professional dive schools, most of which are PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) affiliated are found along these waters. These diving centers frequent a wide variety of diving sites to suit all types of divers. But what makes diving in Mozambique special is its marine biodiversity combined the fact that it is not over run with divers. Divers in Mozambique have chances to encounter blacktip and whitetip sharks, blue spotted stingray, and electric rays which are common in the Indian Ocean’s blue waters. Iridescent corals and nudibranchs, seahorses, pipefish and giant clams, sea turtles and much more wait to be discovered by you in Mozambique. Learn more

Maputo City

Maputo skyline|The skyline of Maputo CityMaputo’s History is as colorful as the capulanas favored by its residents. Half a millennia ago Portuguese explorers discovered a bay shared between African Elephants and a people called Ronga, ruled by their King Maputa. The Portuguese named it Baía da Lagoa (Delagoa Bay) and established Lourenço Marques. Today Delagoa Bay is the Bay of Maputo and Lourenço Marques is Maputo.  It's interesting to note that many of Chief Maputa's descendants live in the city of Maputo and the local elephant population thrives in the Maputo Special Reserve  on the Bay of Maputo. Learn more

Gorongosa National Park

Alarmed elephants|An elephant about to chargeGorongosa National Park is not only Mozambique’s flagship national park; it is one of Southern Africa’s most significant wilderness destinations. A mosaic of ecosystems offer the traveller striking views of natural scenery, rare opportunities to observe wildlife in genuinely unspoiled settings and- with over 400 species- some of Southern Africa’s most rewarding birding. As its wildlife population has risen from the ashes of the civil war in Mozambique, Gorongosa National Park enjoys the status of a favoured filming location for National Geographic documentaries. It was here where the award winning “Africa’s Lost Eden” was filmed in 2009, and “War Elephants”, featuring Joyce Pool interacting with Gorongosa’s elephants premiers this year.

Gorongosa’s habitats includes stunning Fever Tree forests, Ilala Palm forests, Acacia and Miombo woodlands, Riparian and Lake shore, striking floodplains and the rain forest on Mount Gorongosa. Learn more


Inhaca Beach Trip

Town center|The roads in Inhaca's sleepy town center are very quietWhy not drop in on an Island or two during your stay in Maputo? Ideal for a day's escape from busy Maputo, Inhaca Island is just 30 kilometers east of the capital city across the Bay of Maputo. Departure time is 07:30 and do take your sun screen and a hat! Wear sandals, because you will wade the last few meters from the boat to the beach of Inhaca Island. Your day tour to Inhaca includes a tasty lunch served at a local restaurant. While on the island, you'll have a chance to explore the local curio market and then dip your toes again before leaving the island at 15:00.

If your group would like to snorkel, we can organize at the time of your booking an additional excursion from Inhaca to the Coral Gardens, where you will have approximately 30-45 minutes of snorkeling time before returning back to Inhaca for the transfer to Maputo. Learn more

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